Friday, March 27, 2009

And We're Back

You know you've fallen out of touch when the Flickr pictures of the new baby are the first you've heard that your friends are expecting.

I started this blog some time ago. I wasn't very good at keeping it. I had just quit the sensible job with the good salary, and I had all these plans. Plans of wacky adventures that would serve as a backdrop for the process of reawakening my creativity. Eventually, once said creativity had heard the alarm and had some coffee, I might come up with a novel or something. Keeping a public blog would be a great way to motivate myself, I thought. Once I got used to writing in the public eye, I wouldn't be so critical and delete-happy with my fiction attempts.

The trouble is, my plans for wacky adventures leading to a charmed life was a better plot than anything I've ever come up with for fiction. I've really enjoyed my life since I left the programming world, but life goes off-plot more than Tolkien. It didn't fit with what I had planned for my blog, so I just didn't write at all.

I was reminded of my poor, neglected blog when my friend Fee decided to start a blog to go along with her renewed dedication to painting: Works in Progress. And so, I've decided to give my own blog another shot. I've already taken the logical first step to restarting my blog: I deleted all the posts.

I spent almost a week trying to come up with a post about how I haven't written. I couldn't find a way to make it anything but a bunch of petty excuses. Finally, it occurred to me that I had failed the first time because the blog was simply a reason to write. It was lacking a theme. A theme is a much more compelling reason to write than writing simply as an exercise. I had shied away from one the first time because I didn't want to pretend I was some sort of expert on any given subject. Of course, there is a subject I know everything about. I know all about not writing!

And voila, we have a theme.


  1. Writing about not writing? It's just crazy enough to work!

    An interesting experiment would have been to replace all the entries with just the comments. I wonder how many blogs out there you could do this to and still be able to sort out the topics of the individual posts?

  2. Maybe the next time I go crazy and obliterate the blog, I'll try the comments thing. This time around, I would have been left with the lone (and irrelevant to the post) "Happy birthday" comment.

    More comments this time!